Published 8th June 2015

Wallace & Gromit Plaque Unveiled in Bristol

A postbox in Bristol has been decorated with a Wallace & Gromit stamp plaque to mark the 50th anniversary of Royal Mail special stamps!

The plaque was unveiled by Merlin Crossingham, Creative Director for Wallace and Gromit, at a postbox just moments away from Aardman's Bristol headquarters. You can visit the plaque at Mardyke Ferry Road, Bristol. The post box features a stamp from the Wallace & Gromit collection of Christmas 2010 and is part of a UK-wide celebration of 50 years of Royal Mail special stamps. A further 49 plaques with images of the most popular stamps will be added to post boxes in UK cities, towns or villages that have a special connection with the featured stamp.

At the exciting unveiling, Merlin Crossingham said: "We are delighted that Royal Mail has chosen to celebrate our creation, Wallace and & Gromit, who appeared on the festive set of stamps in 2010. The postbox stamp plaque will give local people a reminder of the popular characters that were produced on their doorstep."

If you spot the stamp plaque or any others on your travels around the UK (including stamps featuring Bagpuss and Sherlock Holmes, to name just a few) why not take a pic and tag your photo #yearofthestamp? We'd love to see your pics of the Wallace & Gromit plaque!

You can find out more about 50 year of special stamps on the Royal Mail website.