Published 13th April 2022

Wallace and Gromit Star in New VR Adventure!

Wallace and Gromit's new VR adventure, The Grand Getaway, launches on Meta Quest today (7th December 2023), and includes a hilarious Mixed Reality experience called Jamtastic!

'The Grand Getaway'  invites fans to step directly into the world of Wallace and Gromit to enjoy a brand new story and play an active role in the adventure.

The story begins as holidays are on the horizon for the duo...bringing the opportunity to test out their latest contraption, 'Auto-Caddy'. But Wallace has got his dates mixed up and it turns out that they need to be on the other side of the country in just half an hour! This calls for the duo to dust down their faithful Rocket, but a mishap with the controls sends Wallace, Gromit and Auto-Caddy hurtling off course...the scene is set for this to become a holiday to remember!

The action plays out on the Meta Quest all-in-one headset*, and the project is a co-production between Aardman, Atlas V, No Ghost and Albyon. The Grand Getaway is a fully self-contained, single player game, and all interactions are with the characters of the storyworld only. Ben Whitehead, who has been voicing Wallace since Peter Sallis' retirement, plays the part of Wallace. 

The Grand Getaway key game features:

  • Play from the perspective of Wallace, Gromit, and their brand-new contraption Auto-Caddy!
  • Enjoy re-playable mini-games along the way.
  • Discover strange worlds, encounter new life forms.
  • Explore iconic environments in a story full of the heart and humour of a classic Aardman film.

Jamtastic key game features:

  • A mixed reality game with 30 unique levels of jamtastic fun.
  • Tackle toast and more to get the highest score and prove yourself a top tester!
  • Enjoy check-ins from Wallace as he dials into your home ‘live’ from his Grand Getaway.

Order your copy of the experience here!

*Please note that Quest devices are only intended for use by people aged 13+.