Got a mobile or tablet?  Try the ‘Chat-O-Matic’ to transform yourself into Wallace and give your friends a giggle as you come out with some of his most famous catchphrases!

You’ll also find some games from Wallace and Gromit’s pal Shaun the Sheep, plus you can try your hand at your own Nick Park inspired animations with the brilliant Animate It! app. 

Other Games

Chat-o-matic App

Transform yourself into Wallace with the Chat-O-Matic, and entertain your friends and family with over 40 classic sayings!

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Animate it App!

Create your own animations with the help of this easy-to-use app for tablets, phones & desktops!

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Sheep Stack

Get ready to 'sling 'n' stack' in this PANT-astic sheep stacking challenge!

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Puzzle Putt

Crazy golf has just got a whole lot crazier! Get ready to tee off for a golf challenge like no other!

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