Wallace & Gromit's Christmas Quiz

Turn off the TV, put down that mince pie and do something that gives your mind a little workout this Christmas! There's nothing like a good quiz to get everyone together, so this Christmas why not take part in a Wallace & Gromit themed challenge and see who really does know these favourite characters inside and out! Print off the questions below and look out for the answers in the new year!

1. What date is Gromit's birthday?

2. In 2008, Wallace & Gromit appeared in a print advert for a famous department store which had just opened in Bristol. What is the name of the store?

3. Which Wallace & Gromit films have won an Oscar award?

4.  What is the ground-breaking music video that Nick Park worked on while finishing up work on A Grand Day Out?

5. In which UK city can you find the 'Thrill-O-Matic' fairground ride?

6. Every Wallace & Gromit film has won a BAFTA and been nominated for an Oscar: True or False?

7. In which year did Wallace & Gromit appear on Royal Mail Christmas stamps?

8. In which Wallace & Gromit film does Shaun the Sheep make his first appearance? 

9. What is the name of the Gromit Nick Park designed for the Gromit Unleashed trail?

10. How many strong people does it take to move a Gromit Unleashed Gromit?

11. A robot named after Gromit was sent by NASA to explore Mars in 2005 - true or false?

12. What song can be heard playing in the scene where Fluffles and Gromit deliver bread together in A Matter of Loaf and Death?

13.  Gromit is seen reading a book based on a Russian literary classic in the prison scene in The Wrong Trousers. What's the name of the book and who is the real book by and the dog's version by? 

14. What is Feathers McGraw trying to use the Techno Trousers to steal in the film The Wrong Trousers? 

15. Which famous British actress lends her voice to the character Lady Tottington in The Curse of the Were Rabbit? 

16.  What is the name of the contraption invented by Wallace to help him sleep? 

17. In The Curse of the Were Rabbit what is name of the founder member of the 'Veg Growers Committee'? 

18. In A Matter of Loaf & Death how many bakers have been reported missing at the beginning of the film?

19. In A Close Shave a character called Wendolene owns a shop - what does it sell?

20. On the subject of Wendolene, she has an allergy to something, much to Wallace's dismay...what is it? 

21. It's well known that Gromit's a clever, cultured canine. But where did he graduate from?

22. Where was Nick Park born? (clue: the city gives its name to a character in one of the Wallace & Gromit films...)

23. The Gromit Unleashed trail took place in Bristol but one of the Gromits was located outside the city. What was the name of this Gromit and where was it located?

24. Where did Nick Park get the inspiration for the name Gromit?

25. What was the name of dog food on the box that Gromit hides in during the scene in The Wrong Trousers when he's trying to catch Feathers McGraw out?