Wallace & Gromit Receive "master" Baker Honour

The National Association of Master Bakers is delighted to welcome two new members into their association today; Wallace, who is usually known for his crazy inventions and labour saving gadgets, and Gromit, his long enduring best friend and faithful dog.

They’re an unlikely duo to become master bakers, but this honour is apt and timely seeing as the dynamic duo are about to open their new bakery, 'Top Bun'. Their whole house has been converted into a granary with a ‘Wallace patent-pending’ old-fashioned windmill on the roof, and if past experience is anything to go by, their new venture is sure to be a huge success.

Mike Hollin, the National Association President, did not hesitate to welcome them both with open arms. “We’re delighted to invite Wallace and Gromit into our National Association as honorary Master Bakers. Now they will be able to take full advantage of the services and support we offer our members. After all, that’s our role, to make sure that independent craft bakers, just like Wallace and Gromit, have access to free advice on all industry matters. We’re also here to help anyone thinking of changing career and wanting to know all about our profession.”

So with Wallace and Gromit set to master the art of craft baking, and Gromit becoming the first ever dog to receive such an honour, we’re all excited to see whether they can achieve for master baking, what they have for craft cheese making. Even though, on this occasion, it isn’t a matter of loaf and death.

Pictured below: Wallace sports an official 'Master Baker' tie as he and Gromit are welcomed into the association.