Wallace & Gromit Celebrate 70 Years Of The Beano!

Wallace & Gromit make an appearance on the front cover of this month's Beano to celebrate its 70th anniversary, while their creator Nick Park stands in as guest editor!


As well as editing, Nick Park will also star in a special comics strip: a young Nick joins Fred and the titular Bed on a journey through the Beano’s 70 years, picking up the odd bit of inspiration along the way!

Park said that he had always wanted to become an artist but never thought that you could get paid for drawing comic strips.

"At school, I was a real daydreamer, particularly during the boring subjects. I enjoyed English because I loved writing stories," he said.

"One day my homework was to write a story about life as a caveman. In it, I had a pet Brontosaurus named ‘Arrgh’. I got the idea for the character’s name from The Beano as I loved all the crazy sound effects.

"The story was really ridiculous, but while my teacher was reading it out loud to the class, she started to cry with laughter. That was the first time I realised I was able to make people laugh through my work.”

"My dream job was always to work on the Beano and it’s such an honour for me to be Guest Editor for the Beano’s 70th birthday issue. It ‘s shown me just how much thought goes into every detail of the comic. It’s also amazing to appear in the Fred’s Bed story – it’s the ultimate honour I can think of!"

Click here to visit the Beano website and read the full Nick Park interview!

You can get your copy of the Beano on the 31st of July from all good newsagents. Wallace & Gromit will also feature in a monthly comic strip in the Beano Max, coming this August!