Say 'hello' To Pigby

Ever wondered what the Aardman team gets up to when we're not working on new ideas for Wallace & Gromit, Shaun or Timmy? Well, one thing we do quite a bit of is working with other organisations, coming up with ideas for things like commercials or new characters to showcase their products or services. Recently we worked with the NatWest bank to create a new character called Pigby, a friendly pig who is the face of NatWest's new savings account, designed especially for young savers.

Pigby is based on a drawing by 13-year-old Kwamina Longdon who won a national 'Pigs by Kids' competition to create a unique and thoroughly modern version of the traditional piggy bank. The Aardman team was then tasked with the important job of bringing Kwamina's drawing to life. And so Pigby was born, alongside a gang of other piggies, including skater dude Buzz, arty Pigasso and science-mad Newton.

As well as being the stars of NatWest's First Saver account for children under 16, Pigby and friends also appear in a fun and interactive smartphone app - devised by Aardman - to help kids learn the basics of saving and explain how the pennies really do grow when you save rather than spend. The app will be available to download at the end of January. Everyone who opens an account will receive a free piggybank, welcome pack and access to the Pigby Savings Zone, an online portal packed with tips and info.

David Crawford, Head of Savings at NatWest, explained: "By working with Aardman, who already excite and inspire children across the world with their animation, we’ve created a more modern set of characters to teach kids about the benefits of saving to buy the things they want."

You can find out more about the First Saver Account on the NatWest website.