October's Creations Of The Month Winners Announced!

You'll be pleased to hear that we've picked the winners of October's competition! Thanks for sharing your fantastic pictures, models and animations - it's always a lot of fun looking through the gallery, though it's usually pretty tricky to pick our winners!

This month we picked Loom Bands by sugarcandy as our winner - we were seriously impressed by these loom band models of Wallace, Gromit and Shaun. A really imaginative creation which must have taken a fair bit of time to create.  

Our runners up this month are, left to right:

Frankenmorph by Morsmage - Wallace & Gromit have really created a monster in Morsmage's fantastic drawing!

0064 Vs McGraw by Zebrapal - forget James Bond, Gromit is the world's greatest special agent in 'Quantum of Wallace'!

I Want to Eat Your Cheese by tre01 - we've never seen Wallace look as terrifying as he does in this colourful picture.

Well done to all our winners but don't worry if you missed out on a prize this time - our new competition is now open for entries! Send us your pictures, models and animations for the November competition here.