New Robin Robin Trailer Hatches Today!

Join Robin and her family of burglar mice to learn the "rules of the sneak" in this brand new trailer for Robin Robin! Look closely and you'll meet all the stars Robin Robin, an animated musical adventure.


Raised by a family of mice, Robin’s natural birdy ways make her different from her siblings. She’s bold, ready for an adventure....oh, and she loves a sandwich. Robin is voiced by Bronte Carmichael.


Alienated from all the other birds because of his failure to fly, Magpie has distracted himself from loneliness by becoming an obsessive collector of Things. Magpie is voiced by Richard E. Grant.


Dad Mouse, voiced by Adeel Akhtar, has four young mice and one chirpy little bird! They spend their time between the safety of the burrow and sneaking into the who-man house in search of crumbs!


A sinister villain, voiced by Gillian Anderson. She lives like an outcast in an old shed where she lurks, welcoming in lost and lonely creatures. She knows the purrfect place where they can fit in . . . in her belly!


Handmade by Aardman and starring Bronte Carmichael, Richard E. Grant, Gillian Anderson and Adeel Akhtar, Robin Robin comes to Netflix on November 24th!

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