Morph Is Coming Soon!

After a month of activity over at Kickstarter the Bring Back Morph campaign has finished, reaching an incredible £110,648, well over the original target of £75,000! It's been quite a rollercoaster of a month for the guys at Aardman so we thought we'd give you a quick summary of the Bring Back Morph story so far, what happens next and take the opportunity to say a big 'thankyou' to everyone who has offered their support for one of Aardman's best-loved creations.

Using Kickstarter was a bit of an experiment for the Bring Back Morph team. They knew lots of people wanted to bring Morph - one of the very first Aardman creations - back to life, and after suggesting Kickstarter as a way to fund some new Morph episodes it seemed fans would be willing to get behind this form of 'crowdfunding'. And so an idea was born!

Launched at the beginning of November, 2654 people have backed the project, with many pledging just small amounts of £1 and upwards alongside some bigger backers who have donated some really generous pledges. Everyone who has pledged money towards the new episodes will receive some kind of reward as the episodes go into production. Some lucky people will enjoy an exclusive tour of the Aardman studios while others will receive a Morph model of their likeness, created by the talented Aardman model makers! 

The campaign has sparked all sorts of imaginative fun and games over at Aardman HQ. Morph creator Peter Lord has been busy putting pen to paper and thinking up exciting storylines for the new episodes and the model makers have been playing about with Morph - take a look at the pic below of Morph with a rather triangular tummy - can you guess what he's eating?

There have also been some fantastic Morph models sent into Aardman HQ to help create the biggest army of Morphs the world has ever seen, including a Morph from as far away as Australia and a gang of Morphs made by a visiting crew of firemen.  

Now that the money has been counted up Aardman will be able to put an additional 3 episodes into production on top of the originally planned 12. A great result for all involved so a very BIG thankyou to everyone who has made a pledge!

You can follow the next chapter of the Bring Back Morph campaign over on Morph's Facebook page where you'll find regular news updates on the new production.