Join The Morph Mob!

To celebrate Morph's Kickstarter project, the team at Aardman are trying to create the biggest army of Morph models at Aardman HQ in Bristol! It's a fun and creative challenge but the Aardman crew are going to need some extra help from Morph fans!

Morph mob

The idea is to make a really impressive army that will be displayed at Aardman HQ for everyone to see. But you'll have to get your Morphs over to the team ASAP as the challenge will close at the end of the Kickstarter campaign on the 28th November.

So, how can you take part? First, you need to create a clay Morph. You don't have to make a brown Morph, just as long as your Morph looks like Morph he can be any colour you like! As a guide you might like to work to our standard size of approximately 15cm tall. 

You can then post your Morph or drop him off in person to the Aardman offices in Bristol (address details can be found on the poster image above). Make sure you include a name tag so everyone can see which one's yours. It will then be added to our display! We will post some photos of the finished display when the campaign ends at the end of the month. Happy Morph making!