Happy Birthday, Gromit!

February 12th marks a special day in the calendar as Wallace's faithful companion celebrates his birthday on this date! By our calculation Gromit turns the grand old age of 33 years old this time - doesn't he look good on it? 

We'd love to hear your favourite Gromit moments so why not add a comment below and share them with us? We've also asked Gromit's Facebook fans - here are some moments they've picked out:

"Definitely the train chase scene from "The Wrong Trousers" Genius!"

"Favourite moment (or rather, one of the many!) is in A Grand Day Out when Gromit figures out that they have to loosen the hand break for take off! First time I ever saw W&G, and that scene really got me hooked to these charmin' fellas, and the dry humour that really cracks me up!"

"His expression and ears when he is scared!"

"There's lots of favourite Gromit moments, but I love it when he looks straight down the camera with a bemused look..."

"The moustrap he placed in the cheese cabinet when Wallace was on a diet!"

"I used to watch you with my dad and one of his favourite bits was when you had to build the spaceship. Take the handbrake off, Lad! Thank you for giving us so many treasured memories, we all love you!"

For Gromit's birthday last year, we put together a fun fact file all about him which you can take a look at here. And if you'd like to remind yourself of some classic W&G moments, take a look at the Aardman YouTube Channel where you can watch clips from films such as 'A Grand Day Out' and 'The Wrong Trousers', as well as behind the scenes videos and clips from Cracking Contraptions.



My favorite Gromit moment... Let me think... Drilling a hole in the wood, the drill gets stuck, and then Gromit rotates instead of it? Gromit crying in the yard, just before leaving Wallace due to Feathers and his horrible music? Gromit changing the sidecar into an airplane and fighting Preston? Gromit and Fluffles? Or Gromit taking care of his giant veggies?  No, I'm afraid Nick has to come with (at least) one more Wallace & Gromit movie (and knowing how much work it involves, I would be satisfied with anything surpassing the twenty-five minute mark), as to celebrate 40 years of Aardman. And yes, that was last year, but somehow I missed the cherry on the cake... Please, Nick!

Posted: Thu, 02/09/2017 - 00:04