Cracking Bakers Competition Round-up

There was a huge amount of baking talent on display in Homepride Flour Cracking Baker's competition, which closed at the beginning of January. Aside from the two winners, there were some amazing creations entered into the contest, from cute W&G cupcakes to show-stopping celebration cakes. 

The annual competition features two categories, allowing bakers of all ages to take part. This time around the Kids Category was won by Christopher Fraser for his colourful cake adorned with a variety of sugarcraft characters, including not only Wallace & Gromit but Shaun and a collection of snowmen. Christopher's stunning cake features some real attention to detail - look closely and you'll see some icing snowballs and snowflakes on the cake, too.

Top spot in the adult category went to Christine Blackwill for her amazing Shaun cake - a very worthy winner, we're sure you'll agree! We think Christine's cake really captures Shaun's mischievous, fun-loving character, and a lot of work must have gone into creating Shaun's wooly fleece in cake form!

You can take a look at all the entries into the competition over on Pinterest with boards for the kids category here, and the adult category here.