Bring Back Morph Campaign Is Go!

We told you a short while back about a new campaign to get Aardman's very first creation - Morph - back on screens. Well, the good news is that the Kickstarter campaign to raise £75,000 to fund 12 new Morph episodes has exceeded its target!

So what does this mean? As long as all the pledges remain in place before the Kickstarter campaign closes at the end of November there will be some extra money to put into some additional episodes which will be scheduled for release on the net next summer. You can read a personal message from Morph creator Peter Lord on the Kickstarter website which explains the new 'stretch goals' the campaign is hoping to reach.

Peter says he’s "completely amazed" by the reaction to the campaign and is looking forward to bringing his creation - who first appeared on TV screens back in the 1970s - back to life in some exciting episodes which he promises will retain all of Morph's charm with more modern elements. Morph fans will be able to get involved in the production process too, and submit their own ideas and comments to help shape the episodes' storylines.

Production is due to start in January 2014 and the episodes should be ready for release in July. The Bring Back Morph Kickstarter campaign will continue to run until the end of November so if yet more money is pledged there will be even more to look forward to next year!
If you'd like to get involved by making a pledge to the Bring Back Morph campaign visit the Kickstarter page here. The campaign runs until the 30th November 2013 and we'll keep you updated on the latest Morph news as it happens!