15 Things You Might Not Know About Gromit Unleashed!

As you may know, a new statue joined the Gromit Unleashed family in Autumn. 'Facts The Way We Did It, Lad!' is on display at the Gromit Unlelashed shop in Bristol, but if you're not able to visit the statue in person and take a look at the suprising facts featured on the Gromit, we thought you might like to read our round-up of Gromit Unleashed trivia - there's some really interesting stuff you might not know about the trail included in our fact file!

1. Love was certainly in the air at Bristol's Victoria Rooms, home to Golden Gromit during the trail. Numerous couples chose to include the dazzling mosaic Gromit in their wedding snaps, and there was even one marriage proposal alongside the gorgeous Gromit. 

2. 'May Contain Nuts (& Bolts)' was partly inspired by Bristol's iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge. Almost 25,000 hex nuts were used to cover the model and it took 6 strong men to lift him into place.

3. The Gromit Unleashed trail attracted visitors of all ages, from all over the world. According to the organisers, the youngest visitor to the trail was just 6 days old! 

4. The trail really showed the dedication of some Wallace & Gromit fans. One fan flew a 30-hour round trip from Taiwan to see as many Gromits as possible before flying back home - they managed to tick off an impressive 62 Gromits on their checklist.

5. 'National Treasure' is covered in over 10,000 1p pieces! It was created, appropriately, by the Royal Mint. Perhaps that's where all the coppers from behind the back of the sofa went...

6. Many of the Gromit Unleashed artists become quite attached to their Gromits while creating their designs. As sculptor Ian Marlow, creator of 'Sir Gromit of Bristol', explains: "The work day always started with 'Morning, Gromit!' as we entered the studio. We got so used to him being there that it felt quite empty after our Gromit went to Bristol."

7. On the subject of Sir Gromit of Bristol, he might be wearing a smart suit of armour but it can get chilly being outdoors in all weathers. That's why this Gromit wears some rather natty grey long johns underneath to keep him warm!

8. It was obviously vital to keep the Gromit Unleashed project under wraps until all the fine details had been finalised. But what do you call a top secret event that involves 80 5ft dog statues? 'Project Big Dog', of course!

9. Gromit Unleashed inspired some epic feats of endurance. On 13th July, Graham Wadsworth embarked on a fundraising challenge to cycle and run to all 80 Gromit Unleashed sculptures in just 24 hours, including the Gromit at London's Paddington Station. Not only did Graham complete his challenge, covering a total of 200 miles, but he raised over £13,000 for Wallace & Gromit's Grand Appeal!

10. Some rather more unusual challenges took place during the trail, too, including a 'sponsored jig' by morris dancers from Rag Morris. They held a 'dances with dogs' tour, crossing sticks and jingling their bells at 32 of the Gromit sculptures.

11. Searching out all those Gromits proved to be hungry work, inspiring some interesting Gromit foods for fans to chow down on along the way. Bristol's Windmill Hill City Farm, home to 'Grrrrromit', provided sustenance in the shape of a 'Gromlette', an omelette made from Wallace's favourite cheese, Wensleydale. 

12. Wallace & Gromit frequently turn up in satirical cartoons in the newspapers, so it was fitting that one of the UK's most famous political cartoonists, Gerald Scarfe, created a Gromit for the trail. Some other famous names involved in the trail include another political cartoonist, Peter Brookes, comedian Harry Hill, artist and author Quentin Blake and One Direction singer Zayn Malik.

13. Gromit Lightyear travelled the furthest to take part in the trail. Designed by the world-famous Pixar Studios, the Gromit - based on the legendary Toy Story character - made a 10,550-mile round trip from his home in California to the Cinema de Lux in central Bristol.

14. It was quite a logistical feat to install each of the 80 Gromits around Bristol and involved 10 people, 2 lorries and 1 forklift truck. The whole process took 26 hours. 

15. At the last count a whopping 100,000 Gromit figurines have been sold to fans from all corners of the globe!