The Wrong Trousers

When money troubles prompt Wallace to take in a lodger, life at West Wallaby Street gets complicated for poor Gromit. Forced out of his room to make way for a cool-as-a-cucumber penguin called Feathers McGraw, it’s not long before he feels well and truly usurped as Wallace’s faithful companion.

There’s something not right about this penguin and when Gromit spots a ‘Wanted’ poster for a criminal ‘chicken’, it would seem his suspicions are correct. Meanwhile, the helpless Wallace finds himself under Feathers’ control – quite literally! The dastardly penguin has adapted Wallace’s Techno Trousers for his latest heist and he’s going to get Wallace to carry out his dirty work...

Cast & Crew

Nick Park
Nick Park, Bob Baker & Brian Sibley
Peter Sallis

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13 wins, including

  • Oscar® Winner

    Best Short Film, Animated

  • Bafta Winner

    Best Animated Film


  • The film opens with Gromit’s birthday, which is on the 12th February. It’s been known for birthday greetings to be posted for Gromit in the Daily Telegraph newspaper!
  • The Wrong Trousers aired on Boxing Day 1993 by the BBC, following on from A Grand Day Out on Christmas Day - a true television event!
  • The Wrong Trousers went on to win over forty top international awards including the Academy Oscar®, and has become one of the most successful animated short films ever made.
  • The building used to film The Wrong Trousers used to be an old banana-ripening shed. Aardman still have offices there to this day.

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