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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 5th 2014

British newspaper The Guardian has published a fascinating article in which Wallace & Gromit creator Nick Park and Aardman co-founder Peter Lord look back on how this world-famous duo came into being. It's a revealing insight into how Nick came up with the concept for the characters as well as the technical challenges involved in bringing Wallace & Gromit to life.

Wallace & Gromit

In the article Nick explains where he got the inspriation for the characters and how they evolved from very early ideas into the chracters we know and love today. Did you know, for example, that Wallace was originally called Gerry, and that in Finland Gromit was 'dubbed' so he actually had a voice!

Nick also explains how time-consuming and technically challenging it was to animate his creations, and that for the bigger Wallace & Gromit feature films filming could take around 18 months, with a crew of 300 shooting on 25 sets at once.

The article is a great 'potted history' of Wallace & Gromit, full of interesting trivia and insight into the creative processes involved in creating a classic animation - pop over to the Guardian website to read the full article.  

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